“Technical Assistance for Cooperation with Civil Society in the Field of Migration and International Protection” Project was launched on March 8, 2019 with the aim of improving the capacities of CSOs working in the field of migration and international protection and cooperation with EU counterparts and public institutions, including decision-making processes.

One of the expected results within the scope of the project is to improve the technical knowledge and capacity of CSOs to contribute to policy and decision making in the field of migration as well as to take part in the implementation of decision policies in this field. Another desired result within the scope of the project is to strengthen the effective networking efforts of CSOs and to improve the dialogue between civil society and public authorities. In this context, the project activities have been continuing since March 2019 with the consortium formed under the leadership of International Consulting Expertise.

The beneficiary institution responsible for the programming of the activities of the project, which is planned to last for 24 months is the T.C. Ministry of the Interior Directorate General of Migration Management.