The first two of the 25 trainings that will be organized in 8 different cities within the scope of the Migration and Civil Society Project were held in Ankara this week.

Training sessions start with the basic concepts related to the migration and international protection, international regulatory and legistlative framework in Turkey, priorities and global/regional cooperations in the migration management. Then, capacity building session including the topics of project concept, needs analysis, project cycle management and financing resources are carried out with civil society organizations.

We come together with more than 30 civil society organizations for each training programs titled “Stronger Civil Society in the field of Migration”, where applications are received by open call method. The first two of the trainings took place in Ankara in the first week of February. Many representatives of CSOs participated in the program, which started with the opening speech of Project Director Ferda Öztürk. Experts from the consortium partner ICMPD and ESC made presentations within the scope of two main modules in the training. The he Project Implementation and Coordination Team of the Directorate General of Migration Management was also attended the trainings.

Applications continue for the training. You can access photos of our first trainings at http://gocvesiviltoplum.org/fotograf-gallery/!

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